Sunday, October 21, 2007

I let a snake kiss the lens

Can you believe a snake would let you easily shoot a hundred pics without trying to move away? Like a professional model!!!
Trust me they love to be clicked,atleast when they are hanging from a tree-thats the impression I got while shooting this one!
I had gone to shoot a documentary film to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in M.P.this year in the month of April. While taking some notes in the camp,i had this eerie feeling as if something is hovering right behind me. Looking behind twice I still couldn't figure out till my hand almost touched this one hanging from the tree and staring right at me. Startled,I dropped my coffee mug but next second I was rushing to get my camera. Now the dilemma- to shoot photos or video? I ended up shooting both till in the next half an hour both of us got bored of each other...crazily enough,I let it even kiss the lens- thats when I shot the pic when it was moving back....
Let me be honest enough to tell you that I did all this when my cousin (Deepak Talan) had told me they are not actually dangerous...but then ofcourse after I had finished with it he added with a smile-'but you never know-a snake is a snake ,is a snake!...'
Thanks for telling...:-)


Shabnam said...

Wow. Shooting a snake on the retreat. That must have been an amazing experience! Great work :-)

Keyanna said...

You write very well.