Thursday, October 25, 2007

When a tiger kills!

The silence before the storm
It was the 5th day of my documentary shooting at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve when I came across this scene-which a photographer just dreams of n hardly ever gets to shoot
-'a tiger going for the kill'
And as usual the dilemma-to shoot video or take pics. Since my HDV didnt really have too much of zoom-I decided to use my tele-photo lens n shoot this pic-just check out the way they are both sizing each other up.
It's a visual treat for wild-life lovers-the crouch,the anticipation, the chase n the attack! Your body goes still n a thousand indefinite thoughts block the traffic in your experience a maddening rush of blood when for a few seconds everything in the jungle goes so silent that your own breathing sounds like a thunderstorm...and then you know you have witnessed something which not many people get to.
A tiger in its full glory. A tiger killing the way only a tiger can.
You don't feel bad about it either,cos you have learnt the fact by now the jungle-killing is not a sport but a way of life!


Shabnam said...

And that finally is a very good blog :-))) You should write something more on how you listen to silence in some later blog.

Bunty Varma said...

i live close to sariska and have visited that place quite often and never ever got to see a tiger,forget seeing in action. I envy you. Could you please tell what lens you used to shoot it and what is HDV?

neelesh said...

wow. gud xcitement yaar

Kali said...
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Kali said...

when i was reading about your documentary ... i found something in my mind, because the Tiger was a god in this part of the world, south america.

your pictures about the tiger and the emotion that you felt just made me feel it...

... I figured God entrusted the message to the skin of live jaguars, which are love and engender endless cavern in reedbeds, islands, for the past men would receive. I imagined that network of tigers, this hot maze of tigers, with horror to the meadows and herds to keep drawing.

I felt that even in the human languages there is no proposition that does not involve the entire universe, say the tiger tigre ie it engendered, deer and turtles devoured the grass that fed the deer, the land was the mother grass, the sky that gave light to the earth. I felt that the language of a god, every word that set forth the infinite concatenation of facts and not in an implicit, but explicit, and not a progressive mode, but immediately. Over time, the notion of a divine ruling parecióme puerile or blasphemous. A god, I reflected, just say a word and that word in the fullness. No voice can be articulated by the universe or less than the amount of time. Shadows mock or equivalent to that voice and a language it can understand a language, are ambitious and poor human voices, all, world, universe.

Rania Rafiq

Kali said...

cuando estab aleyendo tu documenta encontra algo en mi mente, porque el Tigre fue un dios en esta parte del mundo, en Sudamerica.

Sus fotos sobre el tigre y la emocion que sentiste me hizo sentir esto....

....Imaginé la primera mañana del tiempo, imaginé a mi dios confiando el mensaje a la piel viva de los jaguares, que se amarían y se engendrarían sin fin, en cavernas, en cañaverales, en islas, para que los últimos hombres lo recibieran. Imaginé esa red de tigres, ese caliente laberinto de tigres, dando horror a los prados y a los rebaños para conservar un dibujo.

Consideré que aun en los lenguajes humanos no hay proposición que no implique el universo entero; decir el tigre es decir los tigres que lo engendraron, los ciervos y tortugas que devoró, el pasto de que se alimentaron los ciervos, la tierra que fue madre del pasto, el cielo que dio luz a la tierra. Consideré que en el lenguaje de un dios, toda palabra enunciaría esa infinita concatenación de los hechos, y no de un modo implícito, sino explícito, y no de un modo progresivo, sino inmediato. Con el tiempo, la noción de una sentencia divina parecióme pueril o blasfematoria. Un dios, reflexioné, sólo debe decir una palabra y en esa palabra la plenitud. Ninguna voz articulada por él puede ser inferior al universo o menos que la suma del tiempo. Sombras o simulacros de esa voz que equivale a un lenguaje y cuanto puede comprender un lenguaje, son las ambiciosas y pobres voces humanas, todo, mundo, universo.

Rania Rafiq