Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WIN a Poster-shot with your 'loved one' this week -A Beautiful Mind contest

How  often have you missed the fact that you didn’t have your 'own' beautiful poster shot on your wall -something which has ‘you’ in it and not a piece of paper bought from a gift shop!

A beautiful pic with your mother/ son/daughter/sister /girl friend or perhaps with your adorable pet?


'pravin talan photography' offers a unique gift to this week's winner-

- a poster shot featuring you and your loved one- a life time memory on photo paper !

....and you get this just for having ‘ a beautiful mind ‘ and sharing that with the world ! Of course only the winner gets it !


Participate in ‘ a beautiful mind contest ‘ on ‘pravin talan photography’ page on Facebook-the wining caption /poem or short story would fetch you an exclusive photo shoot...

 Participation guidelines

 The entries have to be on the pic itself in the " A Beautiful Mind contest" album

1.            Only three entries per person would be considered as entries

2.            The entries would be judged in co-relation to the pic

3.            Originality in thought and approach is a must

4.            We might shoot more than one pic to get the best results but only one                          enlarged pic  would be   gifted to the winner

5.            If the winner is from outside India- this gift is valid for six months from                         announcement – in case  the winner is traveling to Mumbai or ‘pravin talan                  photography’ travels to that country...

6.            In case the winner is from out side India- they can choose the contest                          pic/another pic and we would create a poster for them and courier or send                    hi-res file with permission to print!

7.            Winning this contest doesn’t in any way entitle you to own the pic

8.            Judges decision is final

Please remember this contest isn’t actually a contest in its true sense but an effort to put together some beautiful creative expressions – all for the love and fun of photography....



Life is beautiful...




rabbit said...

so i need to submit a pic of mine too?

pravin talan said...

No...u need to find my way through to my photography page on Facebook by clicking on the link provided on left-hand side and leave a comment/caption on the pic in the album marked ' a beautiful mind' contest..
If you win - I would shoot a pic of u with whoever u feel close to- make a poster out of it and gift !

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a blog I would like to promote ur contest on my blog. If u like, do provide me the matter. regards, niket.

By the way, your photographs are good. I wish you could click some pics of mine too. :)

All the Best!