Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winner -"My love grows its clipped wings...for, I can't fly to you..."

It’s all for the fun and love of photography…

A Beautiful Mind Contest

Everybody has got thoughts in their mind and many want to write, win and own such exclusive pics but very few are able to post comments/captions as not everyone likes to be judged.

A person’s thoughts can’t really be measured or judged- but here we are trying to see them in relation to the pic and we value everything that you write .

All I want to say is that everyone who comes forward to share their lovely thoughts are as special to me as the pic itself. And it’s an honor for me to have your lovely words written on my work.

Hope you continue with it !

A Beautiful Mind contest keeps getting more exciting every week. The winner for this week – Suvarnika Sharma not only gets a metallic poster with her poem printed on it but also gets an exclusive G-wild desktop calendar n the winning captions to be printed in latest issue of Mega Modelz magazine

"On a moonlit night in a starry sky...
Your faint whispers reach my soul.
I yearn for your touch that creates mystical...magical illusions...
...And ripples in my heart for all to see !
My love grows its clipped wings.. for, I can't fly to you...
And how I wish you were here..."

------------- SUVARNIKA SHARMA

I think ‘my love grows its clipped wings for I can’t fly to you’ is a great line!

This week's contest was judged by Atul Pandey
(publisher of Mega Modelz magazine) & Vlada ( the beautiful Russian model in the pic)

This pic was edited by Paul for pravin talan photography....

Atul Pandey- the editor of Mega Modelz magazine said-" it was really difficult to choose the winner as there were fabulous entries from many people, but I loved Suvarnika's poem more as it went completely on the picture...! Congrats! "

Other top three captions

Dimple Toor at 12:59am May 27

"Testing the whimsical waters of midnight blue, creating ripples of hope"

Trisha Saha at 11:03pm June 1

"Ethereal Serenity...."

Rajesh Buhecha at 12:21pm May 31

Color of the “Delicate Touch"

This contest is open to all on pravin talan photography page on Facebook, you can participate simply by joining that page. Enjoy...

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