Sunday, September 30, 2012

The making of Gitte Soee jewellery campaign

This is the making of the new international campaign I shot for the high end jewelery brand 'Gitte Soee'.

'GITTE SOEE is Danish design - Unique fashion jewelery and at the same time timeless. Exclusive products in high quality with only genuine raw materials: Brilliants, Silver, Gold and precious stones. A brand to the woman where contemporary is not enough with the complete retail concept to the shops.'

More designs can be viewed at

The music is by international composer Clelia Felix

GITTE SOEE jewellery campaign

GITTE SOEE ( Denmark) -the new campaign !

Timelessness is in !

 ‘Jewellery is a way of expressing yourself. It is a statement. It is a way of telling the world who you are.’
That’s the philosophy of Denmark based gorgeous jewellery designer Gitte Soee- the founder of the brand GITTE SOEE-and her passion for design and fashion so visibly flows in every single piece of jewellery she creates.
GITTE SOEE ( )is dedicated to adorning the woman, where ‘contemporary’ is not enough!  Fashion matters, but short-term trends are out and timelessness is in. And how true is that !

It was a unique experience to shoot GITTE SOEE campaign. From the ‘ready to wear’ collection to the  ‘high end custom made’ designed jewellery, using precious metals and genuine stones, it was quite some range of pictures I had to work on. Somehow I admire clients who know exactly what they want and do good amount of research before getting in to the shoot and yet give enough creative freedom to the photographer to go by his own vision if he feels strongly about something. We did shoot couple of pics that had not been planned before and I am glad she went ahead and used them too.

From identifying the pieces to be worn by the model, to model selection itself, the process was smooth.  We couldn’t have found a better international face than Amanda for the job.
During the shoot she told me she always had an obsession. To create. To create things that were timeless. From childhood, she would grab every opportunity to show her creative side. With a passion for design, it was her vision to transform the finest raw materials into fashionable luxury jewellery for the whole world to see.

No wonder such passion drove her to come up with her own range of magnificent jewellery. 
As she told me: Quality is not a cliché. It provides the foundation for GITTE SOEE’s design and development process.
I believe her. Honestly I have never before seen such unusual geometrical shaped jewellery or such finely finished products.

I am happy she flew across the world to shoot the campaign with me and now am excited to shoot the next one with her.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Resource Book Calendar 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Resource Book, the ‘black book’ of Indian fashion industry ( expanded its coterie of unique features by launching its first fashion calendar- Blenders Pride Fashion Resource Book (BPFRB) Calendar 2012.
And I was of course, more than happy to be have shot it, though the time I got for planning and execution was practically only 48 hours.
The calendar featured fashion designers- Neeta Lulla, Rocky S, Wendell Rodricks, Rahul Khanna & Rohit Gandhi, Mandira Wirk and Raakesh Agarvwal who were part of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011. These are amongst some of the best designers in the country today and need no introduction.