Sunday, May 24, 2009

'A beautiful mind contest' every week...


Winner of the first in the series of 'A Beautiful Mind ' contest by pravin talan photography on Facebook

winning caption for this week


Every week a new pic for the contest- if you have 

'a beautiful mind', then share it with the world !

winner will get '8x12' metallic print of this exclusive pic and all top five captions would also be published in the latest issue of Mega Modelz magazine.

The amazing model in this pic is spanish actress Raquel Sanchez

The other top contenders for this pic were-

Krupa Rajguru

Autumn in her heart and winter in her soul,

She searched for her sanity which slyly he stole;

She found it in his clutches, prisoner for life,

All she can do now is get slaughtered under his love barren knife..

Shweta Kulkarni 

Wings have been slashed

But not hopes

Though trapped n tarnished

Know I’ll break free...

Kapil Kant Kaul

The veil of stone 

Sweta Ramdewar 

Hardened Desires...

Another caption which I felt was one of the best was by Darshika Saxena - "Catharsis" which for some reason was removed by her from the page.

This contest was judged by noted film maker Sangeeth Sivan & me, based on what I had in mind when I shot this pic and what Mr. Sivan felt about the captions in relation to the mood of the pic itself. It was a great experience and I hope we are going to live it every week.

 What Mr. Sivan had to say was...

"sometimes words far outweigh the weight of the picture as visualised by the was really tough to pick up the five best as each caption is stronger than the other"

The winner would have the print delivered to them in next ten days.