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Fight the good fight...Women in uniform

Being a woman is being a warrior.  A few walk those extra miles to wear a uniform.  A few words on the inspiration behind the shoot Pravin Talan   I believe that women are what women signify. And what better than a visible assertion of service to the nation, a uniform. Women bring their own flavor to it, sincerity, dedication, integrity and earnestness that is unmatched and unquestioned. Not being traditionally the breadwinners of the family, women don a uniform for many reasons, the least of them being to earn a living. Some come in to serve the nation, for some it is the fascination of the uniform and for some others, the restrictions placed on them as little girls gave them reason to fight. Breaking the glass ceiling is an understatement when it comes to these vibrant, confident and trail blazing women. They are few in number. They have much to face and even more to prove. Not everything that they encounter is fair. Yet, they march on, regardless. And that is what mak

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