Rakh tu Hausla | Rani Mukerji | Pravin Talan - Music Video

It wasn't easy. Not easy at all for any of us living through the pandemic. But I was determined to create a song that was spirited and a salute to the humanity. It was scary and risky, but along with a fabulous team we covered the entire Mumbai city during the lockdown and captured the essence of this whole war. Swarit Nigam did a fabulous job by providing soulful vocals to the song I wrote along with my sister Poonam Talan.

We are specially thankful to celebrated actress Rani Mukerji for making an appearance in the video. Rakh tu Hausla !

Rakh Tu Hausla’ is dedicated to Mumbai, its brave police force, and the undying human spirit. It is an extremely powerful and motivational song created  support Mumbai Police Foundation and launched on T-Series to promote a worthy cause and salute our heroes.

"Rakh Tu Hausla" is not just another video song but an inspiring story of human courage in these troubled times, journey into the heart and spirit of Mumbai city and its police force, shot during the dreaded lockdown. The human spirit shall prevail over anything else.

Written & Directed by Pravin Talan 
Narration by - Rani Mukerji 
Co-writer & Visualiser - Poonam Talan 
Creative Director - Rupali Sagar 
Produced by The Art of Visuals 
Singer - Swarit Nigam 
Music - Nippu Khound 
DOP & Editing - Pravin Talan 
Technical Support- Mohd Faruk
Aerial -Piyush Parmar 
DI - Madan Choudhary 
Colorist - Pankaj Halder 
Artwork - Sheetal Kumbhare 
Tech Support - Madhukar 

Special Thanks to all Corona Warriors Mumbai Police BMC Disaster Management Department Mumbai Fire Brigade Health officials Indian Navy Indian Air Force Dr Sushant Vijayalaxmi Parshuram