Actress Payal Rajput at The Art of Visuals studio

Faces I Love

Payal Rajput became a hot favorite with producers down South, specially after her super hit Telgu film RX100 with Karthikeya, which was a romantic action drama, but then her stunning looks have always captivated the film makers.

I always found her beautiful face a unique blend of Indian and western looks, a versatility that I have noticed in not too many faces. 

So, as she stepped into the Studio with little time on hand we did a quick shoot to capture her moods. And for that I find no other lights more interesting than Godox LED RGB Light Stick LC500R, easy to use and handle and they create sufficient drama and mood for the artist and the photographer.

The window effect on the background can be achieved by using Forza 60 with attachment. And there you get a handful of great shots in no time.

The trick to getting goof pictures is make your artist comfortable with you and the lighting you do for the shot. They dont know whats going on in your head, so creating that trust factor is always important. 

Now waiting for the next photo shoot with her ...or perhaps a short video.