...shooting DMAJOR

Anusha Dandekar

It’s a band that can’t go wrong.
Three beautiful women.
Three exciting performers.
Bonded in blood, spirit n talent.
So, when Anusha-Shibani and Apeksha came together to form the band D-Major-it had to be a straight success.

From Sydney to London, New York, & final destination Mumbai – DMAJOR are truly international in every respect of the word. While always clinging tight to their Indian heritage, the sisters were raised in Australia & the UK, before spreading their wings & venturing off on their own. While each member was busy racking up an impressive list of solo credits in their respective hometowns, they had always dreamed of working on a project together.

DMAJOR-the band

Are you ready for some music ?

You can check their music n itinerary on
Anusha-the enchantress

Anusha is already an extremely popular face-having been around for a while as an MTV VJ. Shibani has been modeling for a while and now co-anchor for the exciting new show on AXN-Men 2.0 and Apeksha finally caught up with them in Mumbai to get the band together.
I have known Shibani for a while, since the time she would encourage me to move to New York and join a photography agency she had worked with for a while. But somehow I never really could move to USA n remained stuck between Asian n European market. Not that I regret it one bit!

When they formed the band, we decided to do some not so routine pics and ended up shooting on the road, on the terrace of a high rise building, n then finally some looks in the studio. From fashion to mood shots n some group shots- we covered an entire range of pics. The tricky part was to get the music icon right on Anusha's eye-and she was not really sure of it- but then, thanks to Manoj Verma- we just managed to get it right !

Ten hours went by in a jiffy and I could still shoot more-but I guess some had to be left for another time as well. And the girls had been more than polite, by not killing me for making them run around in the city...!

The best part of course was exciting designer wear from Shane & Falguni Peacock-the designer duo known for doing stuff for world class names like Kylie Minogue n Shakira apart from most of the Bollywood biggies.

Will post the video as well so u can check out the making of the shoot!

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i loved your bio..and have come to become a fan of your photography..!! may God bless you with all the success..!!..and Happy holi.!!

here's my blog, just in case you aren't in a jiffy..most welcome