Tribal Zone jewellery campaign

Expressive accessories from Tribal Zone
photographed by pravin talan |
 Tribal Zone has become synonymous with expression, attitude and style and many of my friends had always talked about the wide product range. So when I shot the campaign for Vikas Bafna, one thing I did was to make sure he leaves a whole range with me that I could gift around.
I love such clients.


photographed by pravin talan |
 Just about nine year old, TRIBAL ZONE has quickly grown to become a leading brand involved in large scale retailing of Fashion Jewellery and Fashion Accessories all across India, possessing a very large and dynamic arsenal of Jewellery and Fashion Accessories in the form of designs, collection and category.
photographed by pravin talan |
 I shot the campaign with stunning model and actress Vedita Pratap Singh and in one shot she was wearing almost 5kg of weight ( of all the jewellery) and it took us almost an hour to put those hundreds of pieces on every inch of her. But the professional she is, not even once she complained. 
photographed by pravin talan |

I like this attitude about models when they understand the brand and need of the shot.
What I liked about it the most was that it was stylish, trendy and yet so very affordable. From a single store in 2003 to more than 200 stores across India up till 2012 and I am happy that the pictures have gone to every store.

In fact, if you love fashion accessories then you must check the Tribal Zone online store which has a massive range of 1200plus products that you can order.
Here is the link...Tribal Zone online store

And dont forget to watch the video of 'behind the scenes' and you will get to hear Vikas Bafna himself, talking about his brand and the product range.


Aquarius14 said…
Vibrant and colorful jewelery, affordable too. Stunning model and most eye catching pictures....
I have already registered at Tribal Zone.... need to own at least a few of these beautiful creations :)

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