Aditya Roy Kapur- cover shot for Exhibit

Aditya Roy Kapur is definitely one of the best looking actors I have shot off late.
Somehow between my travel n works, I had missed watching Aasihqui2 – the film that made him the heart beat of millions around the world, so I had no clue what made every girl swoon over him.
Till I shot with him.
The first thing I noticed about him was his sparkling intense eyes n disarming smile and I decided to focus on that. There is lot of handsomeness even in his casualness, which is easy to capture on the lens and makes a great picture.


I wanted to do a cover shot that was fresh n different and not the usual ones on the magazine covers. Since Exhibit normally has the star holding the gadget, I wanted to have a picture where the gadget became a part of his personality and not something he was showing off or posing with.
Shockk is an interesting lounge in Bandra, and in spite of a cloudy day, being on the top floor, it had nice daylight filtering in through the glass window. Somehow I wanted to have a bit of color thrown in the image to add to the freshness, and noticed the striking red wallpaper on the walls against the window. I never like to change backgrounds in the photo shop and my effort is mostly to keep the picture as original as possible.
Shalini had put together an impressive wardrobe for the shoot. I picked up the blue Armani jacket to get a nice contrast against the red n the black of the sofa on which he rested his body. It was meant to be a cool, casual, fun shot where Aditya is in his own space with a gadget he loves.
Once a star gets comfortable with the idea of a certain shot, you can get a hundred good shots in no time.
I think the picture on the cover got just the right mood. 
Even this picture, where he is gently looking outside the glass window speaks a lot about his personality.

What I liked about Ramesh Somani ( Chief Editor- Exhibit) is that there were no references given for the cover shot- there was absolute creative freedom on how as a photographer I wanted to do the shots- that makes the job easy and also challenging.
In fact, even the half body lit up shot inside, is also my favorite. I feel its quite dramatic n a nice break from the fresh cover. More like exploring the range in an actor.

Putting a shoot together with a celeb isn’t an easy task, but that’s one thing I love about Garvita
( Content & PR- Exhibit)- she always manages it just right. Everything on time n everything perfect! I have been watching her do it effortlessly since years now. A good team is so important for a good shoot.

In view of the newly formed relationship with  Sakshi &Ramesh Somani, I am looking forward to many more exciting covers for the magazine. Did I mention that Exhibit is actually a superb magazine- perhaps you should get a copy and explore the magazine!
And yes, the first thing I did after the shoot was come back and watch Aashiqui 2, and I so regretted not having watched the movie earlier- not only its beautiful but I could have done so much more at the shoot with him, had I known of his amazing range as an actor.
But I guess there will always be another shoot with Aditya- this is a star who is bound to go only higher...and rule a million more hearts.


Akhilesh singh said…
Thanks for sharing your experience and wonderful photographs , Shot on sofa is my fav. :)
Akhilesh Singh
Aquarius14 said…
I agree with you - Aditya Roy is one of the cutest looking actors. I went through these pictures and article as soon as you had shared the link on FB but did not comment then. I too wanted to see Aashiqui 2 after reading this. Luckily they screened it on TV and I was able to enjoy the movie. Lovely songs too. Aditya's eyes are so soft yet naughty... and you have captured his moods well. Great pictures! Luv them all :)

Divya Singh said…
Pravin Talan can you please tell the ways in which Aditya's fans can contact him...or any of his PR team and agencies!
Please help!
Thanks a lot.
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