I love capturing dance.

When my friend Shweta called me to know if I would be interested to shoot publicity for this movie, I was actually very excited. I am always given references by clients/agencies, but this time it was going to be purely between me and the subjects. And the way they together moved on the studio floor was purely magical. If I say Saahil Prem is fabulous, it would be putting it very mildly, the guy is in fact incredible. A bundle of raw energy n supremely talented... and Amrit is beautiful !

Saahil also wrote n directed this film.  People recognize him from his earlier hit Ragini MMS 2, but this is going to change that. The making of the film in itself is like another movie plot, when on the third day of the shoot in UK, the director & cinematographer just quit, and without having a previous direction experience, Saahil took upon himself the task of directing the film as well. I can't imagine how a relatively new actor can act in front of camera n direct it as well. I wonder how he managed.

Noted choreographer & director Farah Khan unveiled the trailer and by the look of it- it is a heady mix of right energy n emotions.
I had a great time shooting Saahil n Amrit Maghera- who are without doubt- MAD ABOUT DANCE.
Time for you to get MAD !


Shwetz said…
Thanks for the fab writeup. Glad you enjoyed shooting for the posters. Needless to say you managed to capture the essence and mood of the film fantastically