Monday, October 12, 2015

GR8 ! Love Stories Videos- Behind the Scenes, Interviews & Launch

The making of the GR8 ! Love Stories

The launch event

The launch event was a huge success with many top TV actors and Bollywood celebs gracing the occasion. The event was very widely covered across all media, successfully establishing GR8 Love Stories as one of the finest celebrity calendars ever shot with meaningful images and love splashed across each page.

GR8 ! LOVE STORIES Calendar- TV's Most Popular Stars

L E T   M E   T E L L   Y O  U   A    L O V  E   S  T O  R Y....

Putting together a calendar with Televisions busiest star couples wasn't an easy exercise. For the first time ever twenty four TV stars were shot over a period of 6 months to put together GR8 Love Stories.

As a photographer and writer it was a big challenge for me to come up with twenty four unique shots and original quotes to go with each image. Eventually I was capturing one emotion- but in many ways- LOVE. So I chose to use as different settings as possible and make it as real as I could. The fact that most of these couples were already my friends helped me in keeping the shoot as much natural and easy going as would go with the theme. After all, trust makes a difference.

For the first time for the benefit of the fans I am putting up all 24 shots published, without date pad, so it can become a collector's item for the millions of fans who follow these stars religiously. Hope you enjoy these moments of togetherness, as much I enjoyed shooting them and of course it all became possible cos of Shashi Ranjans immense faith in me.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Radisson Blu Agra Commercial- extended version

Feel Love is for Real.
Everything about this commercial I directed seems so right to me. The location, the models, the romance in the vicinity of Taj, the music and the camera work. My crew didn't let me feel even for once it was going to be my first theatrical release.

And of course, you must visit Radisson Blu Agra.


Produced by : Pravin Talan Productions
Directed by : Pravin Talan
DOP- Amol Rathod
CD-   Abhishek de
Special thanks : Paritosh Ladhani, Amit Goel, KJ Singh

BSF@50- A lensman's tribute to the Borderman

Click on the link below to read the full exclusive story on the shoot on rediff :

SBJ 2015 Campaign- first look

50 glorious years of Border Security Force

BSF@50 is regarded as one of the finest campaigns ever shot on any of the paramilitary/ military forces in the country. India's first line of defense, Border Security Force, completes 50 years this year. The calendar was launched earlier this year and also a book titled BORDERMAN by the home minister Raj Nath Singh. It fills my heart with pride to be able to capture a part of their glory.

R E S T L E S S Action Wear Campaign